Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back at Avila's for Amazing Mexican Food!

One of our favorite parts of last year's Social was dinner! The food and service were so fabulous.

We are so excited to be returning again this year to Avila's El Ranchito Restaurant for the last part of our event - it's the perfect way to close out the day!

Let me start off by saying the food at Avila's is amazing! We love the fajitas, the enchiladas - the guacamole! It is all so yummy!
One of their most popular items is this Botana platter. But you'll want to check out their whole menu HERE, it is full of yumminess! I have friends that swear by the Avila's soup. That is definitely on my list to try next!
One of our other favorite things about the Avila's in Orange is the beautiful building!

 It was built in 1891 as a Baptist Church! The gorgeous stained glass windows are the originals from the church - the minister's wife ordered them in the late 1800's. The restaurant has old, dark wooden floors and the sides or the booths are old pew sidings. The old altar is intact too!

The history of the Avila family is amazing.  It truly is representative of the American dream. Here's an exerpt from their website - sharing a little bit about the family -

"When Salvador Avila came to the United States from Guanajuato, Mexico with his wife and children, he came with hope and the American dream in his heart. Four decades later, Avila and his children own and operate one of the most well known and highly successful groups of Mexican restaurants in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, Avila's El Ranchito restaurants.
It all started in the kitchen over 40 years ago. Mama brought with her recipes that have been in her family for generations, paying strict attention to freshness and quality.

It was Papa, though, who had the idea to involve the whole family and create a truly special restaurant. The entire Avila family pitched in and help at the first El Ranchito when it opened in Huntington Park in 1966 with only five picnic tables. Even Grandpa Poldo offered a helping hand by washing dishes.

Today, the 40-year tradition that has made their authentic Mexican cooking legendary continues to be served at the family's eleven restaurants. It is still a family business, family owned, family operated and family loved. Mama and Papa eventually shared the responsibility of running El Ranchito with their children and now their grandchildren. Each restaurant is under the personal care of a family member, guaranteeing the reputation the family has earned for treating the customers "like part of the family.""

The service at Avila's is fabulous too. We were so happy with how well they took care of us last year! And let's face it - when you're listening to fabulous speakers, eating yummy food, and winning lots of prizes - you want a great place to hang out in! Avila's is definitely that place!

We would love for you to visit Avila's - try them out before the event! You'll love them as much as we do!
If you're not in the Orange area, they have 11 locations - you can find one near you!

You can find out more info at Avila's El Ranchito Restaurant - they have menus, locations and lots more online!

You can also like the Avila's El Ranchito in Orange
Facebook page to stay updated! :)

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Unknown said...

I had so much fun there last year! You are right about how beautiful the building is, it was amazing. I was also VERY impressed with how organized they were getting us out one door to get our food & back in another door. It was all so organized and the food was awesome! Can't wait to go there again on the 19th :)