Monday, September 30, 2013

The SNAP! Conference: Why we love it, why you should go, and how you might win a ticket.

Guess what!?  We have super exciting news from another of our fabulous sponsors: The SNAP Conference.  One of you will be able to pop this little button into your sidebar, because you'll be....

SNAP! Conference
One lucky SoCal Social atendee is going to go home with a ticket to the 2014 SNAP Conference!  (A $350 value!!!)  You might actually win a ticket before you can buy one, since tickets don't go on sale until October 24th at 9:00 MST

The 2014 SNAP Conference will be held April 24 - 26 at the Little American Hotel in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.  There will be amazing speakers, panels and work shops, fantastic creative bloggers, great food and an over-all phenomenal experience.

Tauni Everett is the charming genius behind SNAP.  I think she's the Willy Wonka of conferences (but without the oompa loompas and that creepy boat that goes too fast in the chocolate river.)  She creates a warm and wonderful experience for her guests and thinks up all sorts of fun touches and details.  Last year we had a crafting pajama party, for crying out loud!

Be sure to check out the blog post on the SNAP website for the full details on the venue and registration.  We have been to the SNAP Conference both years of its existence and we have October 24th at 8:00 am (PST) on our calendars to make sure we get our tickets to this year's.  There is a $100 discount for the first 50 tickets sold if you use the promo code: FIRST50.  (Of course maybe you won't need to worry about that because you'll already have WON your ticket at the SoCal Social.)

Tauni is an awesome supporter of the SoCal Social and we are so excited that she is donating a ticket to SNAP!  Now here is an important detail for the ticket giveaway:  It is non-transferable... do not enter the raffle if you will not be able to travel to Salt Lake City and attend the conference in April.  You won't be able to let a friend use it if you can't go, you can't sell it, etc.  With that in mind, please look into whether or not the trip will be feasible for you before entering the raffle on October 19th.

Good luck, and maybe we'll see you in Salt Lake City in April!

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Unknown said...

Wow, what an exciting giveaway! Can't wait to meet everyone on October 19th!