The Party Planners

Beverly from Flamingo Toes
Flamingo Toes is my place to share stuff I love - sewing, jewelry, home decor projects - pretty much anything that I'm in the mood for.
Except scrapbooking. I'm never in the mood for scrapbooking. ;)
I'm kind of snarky and sarcastic, like a good California girl, and I love Elvis. Don't judge.

Vivienne from The V Spot
I writeThe V Spot, where I share crafts, DIY projects, recipes and funny stories.  I am  a wife, a mom of 4 boys, and a smart-alleck.   I love thrift store finds, but am picky about brands of toilet paper.  Also?  I can hold my own in a conversation, but I am afraid of spiders, heights, and pressurized rolls of biscuit dough. 
If Erma Bombeck and MacGyver had a love child, that child might have turned out a little bit like me.