Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sponsor Highlight: Wallpaper For Windows

You guys, I have to tell you my personal story about Wallpaper For Windows, our newest sponsor.  I am pretty sure that several of you will be able to relate to the problem I had.  (I say had because Wallpaper For Windows saved the day and solved an argument I had with my husband.)

My Hubs and I had been butting heads over our garage.  Not only about whose mess/clutter was on whose side of the garage, and who had more crap than the other, etc.  but also about the windows in our garage.  I hated that you could pull up into our driveway and see what is inside, right up against the door.  (A filing cabinet, gardening supplies, sports equipment, etc.)

If there is a way to photograph glass without a reflection, I would love to hear about it...
I also hated (Hated!) that as you were walking up to our front door you could see the entire messy contents of Hub's workbench/crap filled horizontal surface.  (This is also something my mother commented on.  Often.  "Your house looks so cute until you see the crap in the garage window....")

I had wanted to hang up curtain panels, or spray the glass with frosting spray, anything actually, to block out the mess.  Hubs claimed he needed to be able to see out onto the lawn, needed light, etc.  He wanted to put up blinds (which I strongly suspected wouldn't happen).  So for a few years we'd been talking about it, arguing about it, but not doing anything about it.  (We're supah-motivated like that...)

Wallpaper For Windows to the rescue.   They contacted me about trying out some of their removable covers/clings for glass.  They have a huge selection on their website.  I couldn't decide.  I couldn't think of a creative project.  I knew I wanted to do something fun.

Then it dawned on me: The Garage!

I only measured the glass panes on the garage door  because I assumed the panes over the workbench were the same size.  Then I counted up the total of panes and sent in my request.  (Tip of the Day: NEVER assume that all of your windows are the same, exact size.)

Hubs was NOT on board with the idea.  He thought it would be too dark in the garage.  He thought it would look bad from the outside.  Wrong on all counts. (And he admitted it! Dontcha love when that happens?!)

Wallpaper For Windows cuts the pieces to your specifications and sends them on a roll of peel and stick backing, along with the super easy instructions for installation.  It turned out that the window panes over the bench were slightly larger that the panes on the door.  (I didn't measure them because they were too hard to get to.  oops.)

The funny part?  My measuring mistake was the perfect husband and wife compromise.

We ended up taking the slightly undersized frosted squares and centering them on the glass. This is very easy to do.  Clean the glass, then spray it with water that has just a few drops of liquid soap in it.  Peel the Wallpaper and "float" it into place.  Then you just take a credit card (or something similar) and squeegee it into place.  Ta Da!

Even though I mis-measured the panes, centering the frosted squares worked for both of us.  Hubs can still see out and doesn't feel like it is too dark.  I am happy because you can't see the crap as you walk up to the front door.  Winning!

Much better!  The garage door looks better too.
These are the panes that I measured correctly...
Wallpaper For Windows has all sorts of decorative options, not just the privacy film.  Check this out:

or how cool is this?

...or a smaller project...?

If you think about it, it's a pretty cool solution to a very common problem.  We're so glad they're participating int The SoCal Social!

You can also visit Wallpaper For Windows on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Stephanie Granite said...

wow! So cool! I love this

cal8007 said...

This is exactly what we've been looking for - ahem, my DH, because he think people can see into my craft room upon on the loft from the entrance.

Glad to see this could help our relationship!!


Carmen L

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I have a window near my front door this would be PERFECT for, I feel like every time people come to the door, they can just peek right into my house, annoying!! I even goes as far as to drag out the length of time I can have that fake snow on the window after the holidays just for the privacy!