Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sponsor Highlight: Goose Creek Candle Company

We love candles.  Love them!  (Especially if they smell yummy.)  So we are so excited to introduce you to our newest sponsor, the Goose Creek Candle Company .  They have eleventy billion fabulous candles.

They sent me two of their American Heirloom jar candles to try.  I love candles that smell like food.  If a candle can make it smell like I've been baking something delicious, it's a really good thing.  These smell divine.  In addition to providing ambient light and a fabulous fragrance, candles are supposed to be part of your decor... right?  These will fit in anywhere, and the jars can totally be reused once the candle has burned away.

These candles smell fantastic even when they aren't lit... that's how great they smell.
Maple Toddy 3 wick candle.  mmmm.
Also?  It burned evenly.  I hate it when you have a candle that burns down the middle, leaving you with just a bunch of wax.  The Goose Creek candle burned at an even rate.

They have adorable candles for Halloween.  How cute are these?!

They have cute ones for Christmas too.  They have jar candles, pillar candles, warmers, room sprays and those little air-fresheners for your car.  Tons of yummy-ness!

These would make great gifts, so definitely check out their website and check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!

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