Monday, August 13, 2012

Sponsor highlight: Fish Foam

We are so excited to welcome our newest sponsor, Fish Foam Glass & Window Cleaner!

No one likes to wash windows, right?  So you certainly want to make sure that they are clean the first time!

When I first heard about Fish Foam, I thought it was kind of a funny name for a glass cleaner.  I will tell you something: This stuff could be made out of fish parts, for all I care.  (It's not... but even if it was, I wouldn't care.)  It's made with alcohol, not ammonia.   I have never seen a product that cleans glass so quickly and easily.  It's a foam, so it doesn't drip.  It cuts through grease (so I have even used it on my granite counter tops) and it doesn't leave behind any streaks.

You know what else?  The Fish Foam people are so nice!  They were sponsors at the Haven Conference back in June.  They gave out full size samples of Fish Foam and were giving out little yo-yo's just for fun.  Having 4 boys, some of my blogger friends donated their yo-yo's to my cause.
You know what happened?  The Atlanta TSA opened my luggage for inspection and they stole some of the yo-yo's!!!  Crazy right?  I blogged about the theft.  You know what Fish Foam did?  They mailed 4 replacement yo-yo's along with the sample of Fish Foam directly to my home!

So let's review:  Super nice, customer service oriented company with an amazing product that works better than anything else that I've ever tried...?  Yep.  Fish Foam fits that bill.

We are so excited to have them on board as a sponsor!

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