Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sponsor Highlight: The Duck Brand

It's been said that there are only two "tools" a home ever really needs:  Duct tape and WD40.
If it moves and it shouldn't...? Duct tape!
If it's stuck and it should be moving...?  WD40.

Well, we don't know if there is any cute WD40 out there, but The Duck Brand has created tape that is so fun and creative that it's taken duct tape out of the garage and into crafty supply closets everywhere!

Perhaps you've heard that kids have been making wallets out of Duck Tape?  It's a very fun project for kids and grown-ups, alike.
Here's a great example from Kim at Seven Thirty Three. Her nephew specifically requested a duct tape wallet for his birthday.

How about jazzing up some plain black boots with The Duck Brand's cheetah print?
That's exactly what Kaysi from Keeping It Simple did!

Jewelry?  Yep!
Check out this Anthropologie knock -off using Duck Tape and paper clips from Sugar Derby.

Or this fun, colorful bracelet...
From Heather at Dollar Store Crafts.

Let's move on to the home decor possibilities, shall we?
Connie from Measured By The Heart added some oomph to a plain lampshade.

You will have to see this Hello Kitty Cat Feeder from Plucking Daisies in order to believe it...

Don't forget the holidays!
Plenty of designs to cover your pumpkins with.
Funky Zebra Stripe pumpkin from The V Spot.

Valentine's Day?  Christmas?
Lots of possibilities for this wreath from Poppies At Play.

Want a whole bunch of Duck Tape ideas?

Check out this round up of projects from Saved By Love Creations.

We are so excited that The Duck Brand is working with the SoCal Social!  Here's a little sneak peek of what they've got up their sleeves for our attendees...

You can visit The Duck Brand at their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on both Twitter and Instagram.


seven thirty three said...

OH MY HEAVENS! That lampshade is amazing. Off to check it out. Thanks for featuring my wallet too! :)

Amy* said...

Such Awesome projects! I'm blown away by the prom outfits...WOW! Thanks for including my Hello Kitty Cat Feeder :)


*Off to stalk Walmart for Moustache Duck Tape

Raquel said...

Those are some cool boots! Love the ideas!