Monday, October 3, 2011

Sponsor Highlight: GiftGloss

Everyone LOVES a pretty present, right?
Creating that perfect presentation can sometimes be daunting....until NOW!
OK, I may be slightly wrapping challenged, but can't we all use a way to simplify our wrapping, especially with the holidays coming up? 
GiftGloss has the solution!
GiftGloss is a "slide n' tie" sleeve that was developed by the FoofQueens.
No need to mess with rolls of unruly paper or cellophane.
 GiftGloss is the answer.

GiftGloss is a unique gift wrapping product that allows you to create beautiful presentations in a snap!

Oh, and think of the possibilities for shop owners and small (or BIG) business - a beautiful and fun...and EASY way to package your product.

GiftGloss is also food safe...oh yeah...
"Hello holiday baked your new friend!"

You want to know else something else that is really cool...GiftGloss is compact enough to fit in a drawer - no need to worry about storing bulky rolls or anything else...put the GiftGloss in your drawer and you are ready at a moment's notice!

We are so pleased to have GiftGloss as a sponsor of the SoCal Social and one lucky attendee can win her very own GiftGloss kit!

Wait until you see what GiftGloss can do - we have lots of ideas to show you!
Thank you GiftGloss...and thank you FoofQueens

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Unknown said...

I'm so bummed I can't go! The volleyball team I coach has a tournament that day. Hope you all have a great time!