Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our friend Mark Montano is joining us again!!!

Creative genius Mark Montano joined us at last year's SoCal Social and we felt like we had hit the Special Guest Jackpot!  We were so excited that he joined us and we loved every minute with him!  

Guess what?  Turns out he had a good time too and when we invited him back, he said yes!  You guys...?  We hit the Special Guest Jackpot twice in a row!
Vivienne, Mark Montano, Holly & Bev at the 2011 SoCal Social
photo courtesy of Shutter Nonsense
Mark joined us on The Swag Walk, hung out with us at lunch, and gave one of the most entertaining and hilarious Q&A sessions we've ever seen.
Last year, Mark brought a copy of his book, The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 for everyone.  We should probably mention at this point that Mark has a new book coming out this year as well: The Big-Ass Book of Bling.  (You all just might be in for another treat...  Have we mentioned how much we love that "Big-Ass" is in the titles of these fab books...?)

Mark is a bona fide crafting genius.  After earning his MFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology, he started his career in New York City as a fashion designer and was the youngest member to be inducted in to the CFDA, Council of Fashion Designers of America.  He eventually moved to television to become part of the design team for TLC’s While You Were Out and the host of TLC’s 10 Years Younger, as well as co-host of the Style Network’s My Celebrity Home, We TV’s She’s Moving In, and FOX’s My Home 2.0.   He was a contributing editor to CosmoGIRL!magazine at Hearst Publications for ten years—during which his Cool Room column became a reader favorite—and has also dished out décor advice as a contributing editor for The New York Post and to 70 newspapers through his syndicated column with Knight Ridder. He is currently writing and is in production for his own craft show called Let's Make It!  You can get a sneak peek of what his show will look like at:

Mark is the author of The Big-Ass Book of Crafts series which are the number 1 selling craft books in the US for 4 years. The Big Ass Book of Bling will launch in October 2012.  His books include The Big Ass Book of Crafts Vol. 1 and 2, The Big Ass Book of Home Decor, The Vision Box Idea Book, Super SuiteThe Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Guide for Girls, Dollar Store Décor, Pulp Fiction: Perfect Paper Projects, and Window Treatments & Slipcovers for Dummies. 

You can find Mark on:

You do NOT want to miss out on this chance to hang out with Mark Montano and your fellow SoCal bloggers!  To get up to date information and announcements, please make sure you follow the SoCal Social blog (there is also an option to subscribe via email) and follow us on Twitter and Facebook


andie@multiplemama said...

Ok you got me. I'm in SoCal so how do I find out more?

Claudia Fabiana said...

I really want to come this year. I marked my calendar!


Make Shop Live said...

I second these wonderful ladies! I don't want to miss this evening - how can we make sure we can attend and join the fun? XO

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

We are so excited that you want to join us!!
We will be announcing the day Registration will open very soon! Make sure you follow along with the blog, FB and Twitter so you don't miss out on anything!


Anne said...

Can't wait! The social was a highlight of my year! Next time i'll be able to stay for the cocktail party too, i hope.

Unknown said...

This is great! I'm new to blogging (a few months), is this open to any and all socal crafty bloggers? I'd love to make it!

Barbara @ Chase the Star