Friday, August 26, 2011

Royal Design Studio - get ready to transform something!

You've all heard of Royal Design Studio, right?
Gorgeous stencils?
Fabulous tips and how-to's?
Featured in Better Homes & Gardens...?

Of course you have!  That's why we are so excited to announce that Royal Design Studio is one of the SoCal Social's sponsors!

Please check out their website (or magazine, or design blog) to see all of the amazing things that can be done with their stencils!


even Fabric...
The possibilities are endless!
(There might even be a little how-to demonstration for us...) I'm so excited to play around with these great stencils that I might have to restrain myself a little, for fear I will go stark-raving-creative-crazy and stencil anything that will hold still long enough! 


Unknown said...

Their main office is about 2 miles from my house. I love their stencils and have many of them.

Aimee @ said...

Love their stuff..... just need to buy some more! So excited to se they are sponsoring!!